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  • Ozah on 2012-Apr-06 08:06:15 Ozah said

    Good Lawdy! Someone is actually proud of that name!Hi, sotetpd you on SITS, clicked your link and was happy to have found a new, great blog. After reading your "About Me" I can see we have a few things in common. Mainly, attitude. But, in my life I have one husband, 3 teenaged daughters and 3 girl dogs. My life is all about the bitches, literally. And I might, (as she whispers) be in my 40's, but we'll just leave that little fact out of there. Love your blog! I'll be back.
  • Bola on 2015-Oct-28 21:51:34 Bola said

    For a not-at-all-intimidating option over on 845 W 5th Ave is Coco's Grill tuekcd in a strip mall next to a state liquor store and a Burger King. It's a nice little Chinese place that has some good vegetarian dishes, usually included in the Chinese-only daily specials which they'll gladly translate for you.Another place of interest for Chinese would have to be Joy's Village next to OSU just north of Panda Express. I'm a fan of the Indonesian ( Indostea on the menu) fried rice and I'm not even a fan of fried rice. They also have more unusual offerings like pickled pork intestines (OK. I haven't gotten around to ordering those yet) and a good sign is the family and staff eat there.
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